• 1- Improving the use of vertical space is an opportunity to have a clearer view when displaying grids.
  • 2- There is a principle that defines: for each role that a user has in the system, there is a specific menu definition, which must be changed from this access.
  • 3- When displaying four or more sub levels, it overflows in screens of (1366x768) causing critical usability problems.
v3 vmetrix menu


What is the situation?

There is critical friction in accessing utilities located in a fourth (or higher) level of subordination.

Who is affected?

All users of the system, particularly users who perform more than one role in the system.

What impact does it have?

It has a negative effect on the agility in task completion

What opportunity does exist?

By improving access to system tools, there is a positive contribution to the perception of the value of the product as an agile and flexible solution for the needs of financial institutions in the Latin American market.

Early prototypes

v3 vmetrix menu

Final prototype

v3 vmetrix menu